indoor golf done right.

You don’t have to leave your clubs in the locker when the weather turns bad in 2024!

In the Yorkshire Golf Simulator we offer perfect golfing conditions, at the world’s best courses, every single time you play.

Our practice range and drills, with world leading feedback and data make it a perfect place to improve your game.

Or if you want to take on your buddies we can set you up to outgun your gang on one of 15 incredible courses.  Gameplay is fast and fun and the only walking you’ll need to do is to the bar!

Our 2024 pricing is simple and affordable for single players and bigger groups so whether you are practicing alone or playing a serious match with your golfing group you can do it all in the Yorkshire Golf Simulator.

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The YGS Team

Yorkshire Golf Simulator

INside hanging heaton

Welcome to the website of Yorkshire Golf Simulator.

It’s 2024.  Golf is about so much more than hitting balls aimlessly down the driving range.

Our state of the art technology is perfect for you whether you are just getting into the game or a seasoned professional.

If you want to bring your golf buddies and compete on the best courses in the world, we’ve got you covered.

If you want to practice with more information and data than ever before then step right up.

If you want to know exactly how far you hit every club, book a session and find out.

If you want to compete in a league and win fantastic prizes then our winter league is for you.


Our Simulator runs the GCQuad from ForeSight Golf.  This is the most advanced golf technology so you get the best feedback about your shot.  Combine that with the the worlds best courses and close proximity to the bar and you’ve got a great experience whether it’s serious practice or social golf! 


6 reasons to visit
yorkshire golf simulator

Enjoy Our Hospitality

Our facility is just 23 yards away from a fully stocked bar.​


Play indoor golf with your friends on one of 15 world class courses.

Know Your Yardages

Book a session to work out how far you hit each club.

Club & Ball Fitting

30,000 frames per second gives you the best feedback possible.​

Monthly Competitions

Play indoor golf with your friends on one of 15 world class courses.

Individual Practice

Check out our special offer for those serious about improving.​

Why Choose Yorkshire Golf Simulator

The Yorkshire Golf Simulator is one of the first in Yorkshire to use the GCQuad technology from Foresight Sports. Add to that our comfortable seating area to relax between shots and close proximity to the bar and you can be sure your experience will be first class.

Friendly Atmosphere

Hanging Heaton Golf Club prides itself as one of the friendliest clubs around.

Variety Of Tracks

Never play the same place twice with a range of world class courses to try.

Enjoy a Drink!

Have a round whilst having a round. We have seating and tables for your drinks.

Latest Technology

We went the extra mile to build our simulator using the GCQuad technology.

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